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As mamas body changes and the baby continues to grow, more stress is placed on the mother’s pelvis and lumbar spine. Regular adjustments through pregnancy prepares the woman’s body for the altering biomechanics, allows the baby to be in the optimal position for a natural delivery, maintains pelvic space so the uterus may expand with the developing fetus and correct obstructions to the nervous system to allow for the full expression of life. Dr. Shana has trained extensively in prenatal and postnatal chiropractic. She provides safe, gentle and effective treatment using up to date information, techniques and equipment. She is a Webster Certified chiropractor.

Children need a healthy nervous system to be able to grow and thrive. Essential neuro-devlopmental changes occur during the first few years of life. Through chiropractic infants, toddlers and growing kids are able to lay a strong foundation for their developing nervous system. Dr. Shana is trained in pediatric chiropractic care and knows how to assess if your child is functioning to their full potential.

Dr. Shana wants to help you and your baby establish a healthy long-term feeding relationship, ensure your child meets developmental milestones and help prevent speech and breathing complications. We are trained in identifying oral restrictions and can inspect your baby’s mouth for signs of lip and/or tongue tie. If TOTS is suspected, we can provide resources for taking further action and provide pre and post revision care.

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Modern families function the best when every member is healthy. Our bodies give us many clues like headaches, pain, anxiety, poor concentration and so on that our body is not functioning properly. We want to address the cause not cover up the symptom.


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