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Dr. Shana

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Get to Know Us a Bit Better

Dr. Shana Dunn started Thrive Chiropractic after being part of a successful chiropractic practice in Washington State. Shana is a graduate of Parker University in Dallas TX. 


We love to work with families, educating them on the perfection within and how that can be expressed with chiropractic care. Her joy resides in caring for pediatric patients, expecting mothers and those wishing to conceive. Dr. Shana has extensive postgraduate education ranging from pediatric and prenatal care to injury and rehab.

Dr. Shana is a Webster Certified chiropractor and has completed the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association’s postgraduate education courses. She has advanced education in cranial sacral techniques, myofascial release, prenatal adjustments. 


After experiencing the birth of their daughters, Shana wants to share her passion for chiropractic and babies by helping families deal with some of the challenges of parenthood. Our bodies are physical, mental and emotional machines and like all machines, our bodies need to be taken care of. Especially if we hope to keep up with our children.  

We believe every mom should be given the chance to have a healthy, empowering pregnancy and birth. With that said, she also believes every child should be adjusted at birth and in childhood to give them the best opportunity to thrive in life. 

We look forward to taking care of all members of the family. Modern families function the best when every member is healthy.

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